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Program History


Red River Serenity Manor, Inc. was incorporated as a halfway house in 1974 in Barnesville, Minnesota.  A second house was added in 1999 to serve women.  In 2005 the programs were closed in Barnesville and a new program, Red River Recovery Center (RRRC) was formed and moved to Dilworth, MN.  This was done to provide better access to services and job opportunities to the clients.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a person struggling with substance abuse requires time and specialized treatment to aid in their personal well-being.  Many suffer from the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual maladies that limit them as they return to a healthy state of mind.  It is imperative that our program be designed for each client to help with their unique needs.

Community Support

The Fargo/Moorhead and surrounding communities offer many supportive services for our residents.  There are three universities, a technical college and many other educational facilities in the area.  Mental health services are also readily available.  There are over 70 active AA/NA and SMART groups for individuals to attend.  We have access to a variety of full or part-time and temporary jobs in the area, as well.

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